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Memetamorphosis, and more

Also: come hang with Tyson Yunkaporta at The Rekindling.

Ahoy and what-ho,

I shall keep this one brief. Friends, Dr Tyson Yunkaporta—the Indigenous Scholar I have been fawning over and author of Sand Talk—will be joining us at The Rekindling on the 24th of November (this month). This is the final hang we will be doing of this sort for this year, and we (PK and I) would *love* to see you.

Tickets are only $20, and all proceeds go to the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab. As I share in reflection in the podcast attached to this museletter; The Rekindling has been mightily effective at rekindling my own spark of inspiration and enthusiasm. I had been craving this—a change to gather with fellow bright minds and warm hearts, to explore the questions perplexing us today. Others like it, too! Thoughtful provocations, fireside conversations, followed by speakeasy inebriations—the perfect alchemy. I love the thing we have happening—it’s genuinely special—and I so look forward to hanging with you too, if you can make it.

In other news, I returned to Tyson’s podcast The Other Others yesterday, wherein I joined the emerging scholar Ishnie Dayara Kavindra Dahanayake for a sensemaking spur on what’s-what when it comes to regenerative finance and web3. We somehow also manage to talk of metamodern sincere-irony, participatory knowledge, and how to garner the wit to find your way to the wholesome folk building for a (genuinely) greener future. We dance betwixt naïveté and knowingness, cynicism and… well, not optimism per se—but at least an enthusiasm for the exploration and experimentation at play.

Have a listen to our episode.

Finally, as alluded to in the podcast, I can safely say—without fear of any hex or jinx—that the Muse is with me once more. I feel that insatiable urge to write, to create, to manifest or otherwise conjure a body of work unlike anything the world has ever seen before. A grimoire, mayhaps!

So: tremble and rejoice, world—Dr Fox, Archwizard of Ambiguity (aka the foxwizard) has returned. Or well: is in the process of returning. I shall be undergoing a ‘memetamorphosis’* of sorts as we draw close to the year end. Maybe you might join me? The Ritual of Becoming might help.

* I only just came up with that word but I (currently) like it and find it apt.

That’s it from me for now. As ever, it is a joy to write to you and I am so very grateful for your attention.

Much warmth,


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