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🦊🧙🏻‍♂️ // So: how does one become a wizard?

And: what does a wizard-philosopher do?

Opening the Purpose Conference 2023, 📸 Elin Bandmann Photography, 👕 E.S.S.

I was asked this question a lot during the networking breaks of the wondrous Purpose Conference 2023. Or variations of it (“so what does a wizard-philosopher do?”). This event was just the tonic this wizard needed—especially after kicking the hornet’s nest in my last museletter (where I dared suggest that there is no context in which killing thousands of children in the most horrible way possible is ever appropriate). It was utterly heartening to meet many subscribers at the event. Thank you to all who offered encouragement.

In this museletter I hope share some the insights from the event with you via the presentation a vague essay on “How to Become a Wizard”.* As ever, this is all just a front to otherwise trojan horse my devious political agenda to co-create a world more curious and kind (and a future less grim). My hope is that I can provide some share-worthy encouragement for those seeking to lead with grace in a time of collapse. Or something like that.

The Secrets to Becoming A Wizard Philosopher

(These aren’t secrets btw)


Thank you for joining me once again. I really wish I didn’t need to write about these topics. My plan for November was to post a bunch of things on LinkedIn so as to attract more clients for quest leadership programs but, as my friend Dr. Richard Hodge said: “Some things are of more value in life than being clever and commercially smart. This is one of those things.”

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Where to now?

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